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About Us

Quality is never an accident or comes by chance, instead, it is the result of hard work, commitment, and professionalism. From factory to end-customer, Jamco has devised a comprehensive supply chain system that allows it to preserve the optimum quality of its products to reach our clients at the best quality, form, and shape.

Our refrigerated containers, well-equipped transportation fleet, cold room systems, and after-sales service were all put in place to guarantee that the 13 brands entrusted to us are reaching consumers in the best condition possible.

With the supplier and the end consumer in mind, we employ a highly-qualified control and merchandising team to follow up on the smallest details, from storage to delivery and shelving, to make sure our products are being displayed appropriately and consumed happily with a great satisfaction.

How We Do It

Because we are committed to hard work, we have successfully managed to introduce the most difficult- to- reach remote areas in the African continent brilliant names of Chocolate and biscuit delights such as Mars, Barilla, Loacker, Lotus, PreGel, and Puratos and many other brands, in a very short period of time while operating in Congo, Congo D.R.C, Gabon, and Guinea.

Our hard work and commitment to a high level of professionalism to satisfy our clients is our ultimate goal, and for that reason, we adopt a high-standard supply chain system, state-of-the-art logistics, and an unparalleled commitment to quality to deliver the products in the best form and supply them to the biggest restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and hotels in the countries we are operating in.

Our Story

Jamco is the real success story of starting small and aiming big and high by investing all the acquired knowledge of experiences, as well as the thorough understanding of the market in the African continent when we have boarded our first trading endeavor in Nigeria. In no time and right away, our ambitions and thrive to success has grown bigger and higher to make us take the first step to move to Congo in 2002. Following that, our business expanded and thrived through our investment of building strong and solid relationships and connections with the most prominent FMCG suppliers around the world.

Eventually, Jamco was born in 2004 when the company has started out with distributing food and cosmetic brands of Lebanese and Turkish origins. We have fully-fledged to become the exclusive distributor of premium FMCG brands coming from Europe, South America, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Our Mission

To be the pioneers in what we do, Jamco is dedicated and devoted to bringing top brands with the best quality to the people of Africa. Our endeavor is to be fully present and prevalent across the continent by building joint partnerships with people who share our values and vision. We are persistent to work relentlessly in order to earn, gain, and meet the expectations and trust of our suppliers and clients.

Drawing on our experience in the African market, Jamco is determined to craft its own brands with the same integrity, honor, and meticulousness that is has been always adopting to select the brands it distributes in order to meet the needs of the African customers and reinforce our leading status.

Our Vision

What really matters at the end of the day is not how much you have accomplished but how much you’ve given back and the impact you’ve left in your community, and this is our motto and drive to succeed and flourish in Jamco!

Ever since its foundation, Jamco has been strongly committed and devoted to contributing and giving back to the communities it serves. Our policy is to constantly and tirelessly create new job opportunities for the local community and give back to them. We are dedicated to partner with local and international organizations to provide the people in need with clothes and food and other basic needs, in addition to our continuous participation in awareness campaigns and initiatives to help solve current problems and challenges.

And because planet earth is what we have in common, we are keen to protect our planet that has been generous to us with its resources. Jamco is an environmentally conscious company that has chosen the path to be eco-friendly in all of its activities. We believe it is a common responsibility to be environmentally aware and play a role in protecting the earth and its resources for the coming future generations, and for that reason, Jamco is accountable for reducing the environmental footprint of its operations and increasing and advocating for the use of green alternatives.

History Timeline


In 2017, the Jammals started selling containers in a direct way to their clients in various African countries. The business has witnessed a noticeable growth and increase in the number of weighted clients.

As the volume of sales increased, the businesses required more staff and moving into a bigger warehouse.



In 2016 the African region started enjoying the tast of delicious frozen fuits and vegetables from BOIRON.

Les vergers Boiron develops and manufactures frozen fruit and vegetable purees and coulis for the food industry,With a choice of more than 70 flavors that are 100% natural.



In 2015 BARILLA has joined Jammals brands’ family.

A world leader in the markets of pasta and ready–to–use sauces in continental Europe, bakery products in Italy and crispbread in Scandinavia, the Barilla Group is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Italian know–how.


In 2013, Based on the increasing trend of their growth and existence in the market, the family received financial support from Holland Financial Company.



The Jammals started distributing BALCONI in various African Countries.

Balconi Dolciaria is a large italian company specialized in the production of cakes made with sponge cake.


In 2012, the family’s strategy and plan for the year 2012 was to grow the existing brands and to upsurge their market share.


In 2011, all the businesses were growing efficaciously and successfully with the brands the family already has, in addition to introducing more other brands to the portfolio, such as Puratos (ingredients product for pastry and bakery). Certainly, it has been one of their best fast-moving brands so far. It all started with 25 Tons per year to reach up to 500 Ton today.


In 2010, the Jammals started growing their business and decided to do more investments in Africa. Accordingly, they were successful in adding more international brands to their brands’ portfolio, and as a result, they had the opportunity to have the exclusivity in the following brands: Master Food (Mars chocolate, Wrigley, Pedigree, Whiskies), and Loacker (Wafer and biscuits) from Italy.


During 2007-2009, the family was still involved and working on the computer shop, and simultaneously, the Jammals started exporting food items from Lebanon.


In 2009, the family was still involved in the same business until it got in touch with Mars Company, which eventually opened an Ice-Cream business with the Jammals. The business was very successful and booming.


In 2009, the family decided to open a new business in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire in which it kept the same brand exclusively as in Kinshasa and Gabon.


In the year 2007, the work was successful, and the business started thriving. As a result, the family decided to introduce new business and thus started up a computer and software shop called Congo Tec as there was a high demand for IT.


In 2007, they decided to move to Gabon to start a business with the same products listed above.


In 2005-2006, the Jammals switched to a different business in cosmetics, and specifically with a brand called LM cosmetics, Sora, and confectionary products (the brand name was Sarai, in Turkey).


The family at that point started their first business in the field of furniture till the end of 2005.


In 2004, an opportunity came up through the family’s networking with suppliers and traders who are heavily involved in the market in Congo Kinshasa and based on that, the family decided to move to Congo and become an active actor in that market.


In the years 2000-2003, the Jammal family started up their business in Nigeria, as a small family company, in confectionary goods.